Radyolla Holding co, collaborates with world class partners with a great deal of experience and knowledge for oil and gas, Petrochemical Industries etc

Radyolla Holding Co Current projects

Radyolla Holding Co and partner companies are now investing in the mineral exploration and development business, focusing on ferrous, gold and other group metal projects in Republic of Sudan.

Radyolla Holding Co through its owned Yahuang Financial Leasing (Tianjin) company collaborates with a group of the largest Chinese companies in different business sectors. These companies work together as one unified organization. Their main activities includes; strategic business development, project advisory; project management; promotion and sourcing; arranging financing services for group projects; management of companies and projects; selling shares in projects or companies; selling and buying assets; global commercial rollout; deal structuring and promotion of our activities internationally.

Gold mining


Radyolla Holding Co has currently finalised controlling two mining exploration licenses with tremendous potential and capacity for economic growth in the Republic of Sudan through its incorporated company SBK and in co-operation with local private partners.

Today, we are ready to move to the next stage for excavation and production of gold. A full detailed operation plan is set and ready for executions in three different states.


Radyolla Holding Co plans for gold mining are not limited to this project. Other projects and new licenses are under process and few promising investments will be launched soon.

Agriculture business

Radyolla Holding Co started investing in agriculture and farmland in emerging markets such as Nile state in Republic of Sudan (more than 20,000 acres), and planning to acquire more lands. By producing crops, legumes, all type of green vegetable, horticulture products and other wheat in a low cost environment and selling them on the world-wide market. We believe it is possible to generate solid revenues, capital wealth and environmental protection at the same time. We have, also, an interest in animal feeds, which play a vital role in converting raw grain, together with other key elements of protein and energy, into balanced feed for livestock and dairy industries.

Radyolla Holding Profile – French

who we are

Radyolla Holding Co is a private company founded in 2001 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, keen for involvement in investment activities in broadly varied sectors such as manufacturing and industrial financing, real estate development and renewable energy, mining and agricultural, oil and gas, and petrochemical. Our involvement may be direct investments, joint ventures, and alliances as well as through the creation of innovative investments opportunities in these sectors.

latest news

Mozambique to offer new oil and gas licences

Mozambique’s parliament has passed an amended petroleum law in August 2014, that will allow the government to issue new gas and oil exploration licences but it also requires investors to partner with the state oil firm, the mineral resources minister said.

The revised law will come into effect by the end of the year and bidding rounds for concessions would be held in the coming months, oil sector officials said.

Under the new legislation, foreign operators who win licences to explore for oil and gas must do so in partnership with state oil company ENH. The law also says that 25 percent of all LNG produced should go to the domestic market.

The International Monetary Fund, which sees Mozambique’s economy growing 8 percent annually in the medium term – one of the highest rates in Africa – has said the country can expect “substantial revenues” from LNG by 2022.