Radyolla Holding Co, collaborates with world class partners with a great deal of experience and knowledge in many particular fields, takes the exploration for oil and gas, petrochemical industries, pipeline, in addition to infrastructure construction of ports, roads, bridges, railway, and housing to an extremely advanced and efficient level.

Yahuang Financial Leasing (Tianjin) company:

A 75% owned by Radyolla Holding co, had engaged in a different consortium partnership with some of the biggest Chinese companies. At present, Radyolla Holding Co and its giant strategic partner China Railway Company concentrates its investment projects in Africa, especially for the oil and gas, natural resources, energy  (including renewable energy), mining-related business, ports and maritime, railway, financial services, and infrastructure for building and other construction sector, as well as the maintenance and operation field, where the company has proven its remarkable brilliance in formulating a different business consortium.

TVD Radyolla Sigmund:

In addition, Radyolla Holding co, has also partnered with TVD Systems, a Croat company specialized in building and constructions, using a new revolutionary method, different from traditional construction, and known for simplifying and speeding up the execution and reducing the cost, through a modern technology, which combines power, durability and excellence.

Mozambique Development International Company (MODIC)

We equally work to perfect, and equally are proud of every part of our business, and every single achievement. Thanks to the efficient organizational methods, the professional management, the design and production facilities and the great dedication towards each project, and the help of our Yahuang Financial Leasing (Tianjin) company and our faithful Chinese partners, which expanded from oil and gas, energy and power, Petrochemical, mining and agriculture, machinery factories, and gigantic infra-structure construction companies, etc. who they enable us to involve in refineries and power plants, ports, railway and airports constructions and become a crucial and significant part of Radyolla’s projects.