Radyolla Holding co through its owned Yahuang Financial Leasing (Tianjin) company can offer global solutions for investors: acquisition of adequate terrain, elaboration of project and investment documentation, financial planning, construction and monitoring of construction facilities. Management of investment projects for clients includes a wide range of expert skills and activities aimed at providing economical implementation whilst respecting all deadlines. Experienced professionals can offer optimal solutions in terms of quality, cost and construction deadlines.

Our Business interest sectors

Radyolla Holding Co and it’s Energy, Petrochemical and other partner companies will undoubtedly continue their international investments within the oil and gas industry, Power, Petrochemical assets, either through corporate acquisitions or bidding round. The Radyolla Holding Co and partner companies moreover intrusted in mineral exploration and development business focusing on ferrous, gold and other group metal projects in Republic of Sudan.

Current investments and projects

In addition to the investment activities in KSA market, especially for the petrochemical industries and industrial cities financial investment, manufacturing involvement and nutrition, hotel and restaurant management and operation, with ten years of excelling, Radyolla Holding Co is now in the final stage to control two mining exploration licenses with tremendous potential and capacity for economic growth.

Our Expansion plans

Throughout our business partners we can provide a comprehensive management and financial services for projects in different sectors such as Oil and gas exploration, pipelines, refineries and power plants, mining, ports, railway and airports constructions industry, starting from planning and design, to execution, PQ concreting, Concrete placing & Finishing, Motorway Maintenance, Steel Fixing, Carpentry, Kerb & Pipes, Gold, Diamond and minerals, Drilling and Sawing, Security and Safety if needed..