In addition to the investment activities in KSA market, especially for the petrochemical industries and industrial cities financial investment, manufacturing involvement and nutrition, hotel and restaurant management and operation, with ten years of excelling, Radyolla Holding Co is now in the final stage to control two mining exploration licenses with tremendous potential and capacity for economic growth.

In our previous investment activities in widely varied sectors, we have implemented major strategic partnerships, for the accomplishment of numerous projects worldwide.

Mining Investment

The Radyolla Holding Co and partner companies moreover are interested in mineral exploration and development business focusing on ferrous, gold and other group metal projects in Republic of Sudan. Today, we are ready to move to the next stage for excavation and production of gold. A full detailed operation plan is set and ready for executions in three different states.

Agriculture business

Radyolla Holding Co started investing in agriculture and farmland in emerging markets such as Nile state in Republic of Sudan (more than 20,000 acres), and planning to acquire more lands. By producing crops, legumes, all type of green vegetable, horticulture products and other wheat in a low cost environment and selling them on the world-wide market. We believe it is possible to generate solid revenues, capital wealth and environmental protection at the same time. We have, also, an interest in animal feeds, which play a vital role in converting raw grain, together with other key elements of protein and energy, into balanced feed for livestock and dairy industries.

Investment services

Radyolla Holding Co through its owned Yahuang Financial Leasing (Tianjin) company can offer global solutions for investors: acquisition of adequate terrain, elaboration of project and investment documentation, financial planning, construction and monitoring of construction facilities. Management of investment projects for clients includes a wide range of expert skills and activities aimed at providing economical implementation whilst respecting all deadlines. Experienced professionals can offer optimal solutions in terms of quality, cost and construction deadlines.