Radyolla Holding Co and it’s Energy, Petrochemical and other partner companies will undoubtedly continue their international investments within the oil and gas industry, Power, Petrochemical assets, either through corporate acquisitions or bidding round. The Radyolla Holding Co and partner companies moreover intrusted in mineral exploration and development business focusing on ferrous, gold and other group metal projects in Republic of Sudan.

Radyolla Holding Co through its owned Yahuang Financial Leasing (Tianjin) company collaborates with a group of the largest Chinese companies in different business sectors. These companies work together as one unified organization.  Their main activities includes; strategic business development, project advisory; project management; promotion   of   projects; sourcing of projects; arranging of finance for group projects; management of companies and projects; selling shares in projects or companies; selling and buying assets; global   commercial   rollout; deal structuring and promotion of our activities internationally.