Throughout our business partners we can provide a comprehensive management and financial services for projects in different sectors such as Oil and gas exploration, pipelines, refineries and power plants, mining, ports, railway and airports constructions industry, starting from planning and design, to execution, PQ concreting, Concrete placing & Finishing, Motorway Maintenance, Steel Fixing, Carpentry, Kerb & Pipes, Gold, Diamond and minerals, Drilling and Sawing, Security and Safety if needed.

Energy investment

The KSA most prominent sector is poised for unprecedented growth, diversification, and profitability. The outlook for Saudi Arabia energy sector has never been brighter or safer. The high oil revenue environment has spurred a boom in both oil and non-oil development projects. With the world’s largest oil reserves supported by a highly developed energy infrastructure, Saudi Arabia provides investment opportunities across the value chain in a number of energy and energy-related subsectors. These include: Crude Oil Refining, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Power and Water, Mining and Metals Processing.

Our investment strategy includes focusing on the following industries and sectors: oil and gas, natural resources, energy (including renewable energy), mining-related business, ports, maritime, airport and railway, financial services, and other great infrastructures.

Oil and Gas / Energy and Power Station Construction

Radyolla Holding co, teaming up with world class partners with a great deal of experience and knowledge in this field, takes the exploration for oil and gas in addition to construction of Power Stations to an extremely advanced and efficient level. We will continue our aggressive investments in overseas oil and gas assets, either through corporate acquisitions or bidding round.

Power and Water

There is significant and growing excess demand for power and water in many key regions of the KSA create excellent opportunities for long-term assets. The privatization, unbundling and a pro-investment climate are making the sector friendlier to the private sector; a majority of planned capacity increases will come from private investors.

Mining and metals

With the largest known deposits of mineral resources in the Middle East, mining and metals processing in KSA is a new growth area and as such, a lucrative target for investment. Saudi Arabia vast mineral resources include bauxite, phosphates, zinc, copper and gold. Meanwhile, the low cost of energy in KSA provides distinct advantages to steel producers as well as other energy intensive operations.

Radyolla Holding Co focuses on working with best repetition organizations in the industries and respective countries. This delivers quality and exclusive access to opportunities in the market place. Radyolla Holding Co will pursue to invest in high value opportunities and will seek to invest in many sectors and industries globally, through   originating, diligence   and concluding investment opportunities..