Environmental protection is essential for Radyolla Holding Co, we apply a precautionary principle and rational management by building a foundation that will generate sustainable development. The worldwide increase in oil, gas and energy consumption is one of the crucial current challenges for our society, and in order to maintain and protect our energy and natural resources, renewable energy power plans seem, so far, the best solution.

We are aware of the responsibility involved in this type of business; we aim to strength relations within the communities we operate in. Radyolla Holding Co is helping communities with their humanitarian, cultural, educational, sports, ecological, healthcare and scientific projects by providing donations and sponsorships and by investing in not-for-profit activities that contribute to the overall quality of life.

Radyolla Holding Co considers sustainable development one of the fundamental business principles. Sustainable development represents our constant commitment to the balanced integration of economic, environmental and social factors in everyday business, with the aim to increase the common value as well as to identify, prevent and avoid possible negative impacts. Sustainable development meets the needs of the present generations and also future generations by giving same opportunities in order for them to meet their own needs, as defined by UN commission in 1987.